Earthly Mission

How Aliens Celebrate New Year’s Eve


Reading this blog might have raised questions in you about how ufonauts from other galaxies celebrate New Year’s Eve. Well, here I am to tell you about it all:


The warm up part goes pretty much like with earthlings, especially when we are on a mission on this planet (like us who work on this blog) and have to put up with local mind altering substances.



You see? And we are only into the afternoon. This is how crap the local shit is.



From time to time we do get some nice import drinks from home or other planets.



But, as I said, we mostly have to put up with we can get here.



And so the day after can be painful for us too (don’t be mislead, this is a Reptilian in human disguise).



But there is nothing a good sauna and a pint of beer wouldn’t heal.


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