Earthly Mission

Hilarious Manipulated Objects Will Give You Laughs

Hilariously funny manipulated objects by humorist, photographer and earthling Terry Border.

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  1. Alfonso

    Just Amazing!

  2. Zahra

    My daughter and I went through these images together and we enjoyed them very much as we attempted to decipher them. They made us smile. Bravo, very creative!

  3. Mario Bustamante

    GENIAL!!!!! I’ll share iy!! hahahaha Y no hablo inglés! jajaja

    • Spacemaker


  4. Johnathan

    I wish I had this photographer’s creativity. Incredible what common house items and some wire can do in creating a story.

  5. esther perez

    thanks for sharing

  6. Lily Earhart

    Nice Post…Very innovative and hilarious pic, thanks for sharing

  7. Franco

    Awesome Work man! I love it!

  8. Batodun

    Very imaginative!

  9. Lev Jack

    awesome 😀

  10. AH Ontu

    nice post

  11. Rajesh Mittal

    What a creativity!! I will try this.

  12. dude


  13. brainard

    I love the creativity…

  14. Yen “daBeachBum” Phan @ Marginal Boundaries

    very creative, love the banana one

  15. Fondos de pantalla

    Really creative and funny images, thanks

  16. Bill

    Now this is what I call a great imagination. Look forward to more.

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