Earthly Mission

Flying Versions of Modern Cars


These models have long been available in my home galaxy, and from now on they will be available on Earth too – thanks to an ongoing series artist and designer Sylvain Viau entitled Flying Cars. This first one below reminds me of the Millennium Falcon. I used to have one those.

flying-hover-cars-by-sylvain-viau-2 flying-hover-cars-by-sylvain-viau-3 flying-hover-cars-by-sylvain-viau-4 flying-hover-cars-by-sylvain-viau-5 flying-hover-cars-by-sylvain-viau-6

flying-hover-cars-by-sylvain-viau-8 flying-hover-cars-by-sylvain-viau-7 flying-hover-cars-by-sylvain-viau-9 flying-hover-cars-by-sylvain-viau-10

via Twisted Sifter

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