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Famous Paintings Redone as Comics

We came across this on a French page and could not find out who the artist is. If you have that information, please let us know so that we can give credit for the great pictures.

famous_paintings_redone_as_comics_071214_2 famous_paintings_redone_as_comics_071214_3 famous_paintings_redone_as_comics_071214_4 famous_paintings_redone_as_comics_071214_5 famous_paintings_redone_as_comics_071214_6 famous_paintings_redone_as_comics_071214_7 famous_paintings_redone_as_comics_071214_8 famous_paintings_redone_as_comics_071214_9 famous_paintings_redone_as_comics_071214_10 famous_paintings_redone_as_comics_071214_11


  1. QuickViral

    Awesome creatives. I really love these pics, thanks for sharing

  2. northierthanthou

    Totally digging the apple. that first one is definitely the best.

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