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Rarely Seen History: Racism and Nazism (15 pics)

This is an attempt to grasp the absurdity of these two interlinked ideologies without showing dead bodies or fighting armies. Instead, I used some rarely published photographs that I find extremely fascinating.


Farmers waiting for the opening of a slave fair in St. Louis, Missouri (1852).



Flogged slave showing his wounds (1863).



Slave torturing devices. The collar may have been used to prevent him from escaping through narrow openings, like windows, etc. (1863)



Swastika women’s ice hockey team (1916). (As the date of the next post suggests, they didn’t use the swastika as a nazi symbol.)



Adolf Hitler’s designs for the nazi symbol (1920).



Mussolini is greated with a giant letter M in a small village in Piemonte (1928).



Message for Churchill on a German bomb during the Battle of Britain (1940).


1944_tallest_german_soldier searched

A Canadian Soldier searches Jacob Nacken, the tallest soldier in the German Army, captured at Calais (1944).



A German Rail Wolf destroying rail tracks in Italy (1944).


1945_Japanese family returning to their home

Family of Japanese origin returning to their home after WWII (1945).



Soviet soldiers with Hitler’s globe at the end of WWII (1945). (Why are they pointing at the US…?)



Segregation in North Carolina (1950).


1954_paula hitler

Paula Hitler, Adolf Hitler’s only sibling alive at the time (1954).



A sign warning white residents in Johannesburg during apartheid times (1956).



Holocaust survivor lady bonking a skinhead on his skinhead (1985).


Source of photos: RLT blog (in Hungarian)

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  1. Ian Z.

    I like the woman hitting the skinhead with her bag. Look to the right of the woman and in the background you see another skinhead with his mouth wide open. He’s like, “Oh! You knocked the @#$%! out!” I thought his face was priceless. Stupid skinheads.

    • Ian Z.

      Correction. The guy with his mouth open may not be skinhead. Regardless, his reaction is still amusing.

  2. Mamoodo

    awesome pics, f*** segregation and racism !

  3. Donald Moeser

    How about some of photos of the horrors of Communism . . . .something that most will not do.

    • Spacemaker

      That’s a great idea and something we should consider indeed. Thanks a lot for noting.

    • ekwynn

      It IS about time that the horrors of Communism are exposed. We endlessly rehash the Nazi atrocities as though they were the whole dreadful story, but Stalinism seems to have caught a pass from the researchers. Or the publishers. Why?

      • Gallok

        Because the victors right history

        • Gallok

          and I do mean right, not write

    • vesey

      there is a real reluctance of mainstream American media to acknowledge the horrors of communism. As a person that escaped communist Hungary in early 1957 it is often painfully clear to me that the liberal media in this country intentionally down plays communist abuses……..

  4. perry

    and on a serious note these pictures show how savage humans can be and we dont learn from our mistakes ,well maybe we do learn how to be more efficent and more savage to our fellow man in some cases

  5. perry

    those germans are pointing to area 51 and saying: ya dos americanas tink zat does r da ufo s from zee outa space, dats us you doomcuff lol unz u thinks vee are stupid

  6. golef

    I just wee weed in my pants

  7. Bakeca Incontri Udine

    Beware of natives, were more dangerous than lions or bears? Glad they fixed this problem.

    • Muki Beg

      Its not looking too good now. I beleive a bunch of natives in SA just got murdered.

  8. Tom

    I think they are pointing at where we test our nukes. Or they are talking about going gambling.

    • Spacemaker

      Or checking out the globe in the White House?:)

    • some guy

      Its Africa. Not the USA

    • geography

      Its obviously Africa not the USA

      • Bob

        Yeah, not Africa. Definitely America. Africa is not primarily in the northern hemisphere.

        • chase

          so wheres the baja penninsula?

        • vesey

          the majority of the African continent is in the Northern Hemisphere………..

      • R

        It’s the USA, please learn to read a map, you can clearly see the Amazon river basin…

      • Grace

        No, it’s definitely North America. If you look on the lower part of the globe, you can obviously see South America (particularly the Amazon River). His finger is about where southern USA – northern Mexico is.

        • Spacemaker

          Right, it’s the USA:)

        • chase

          wheres cabo san lucas?

  9. Whatattywhatattywhat

    The swastika was a symbol of peace before Hitler tarnished it, you will see it on a lot of architecture in London, and many cities around the world.

    • Spacemaker

      Right, it’s an ancient Sanskrit symbol (if I am not mistaken) that dates back to the early Indus Valley Civilization. Thanks for noting!

  10. Paul P

    With the continuation of religion as a way of controlling the behaviours of a country of people, where the ‘sins of our farther’ are never forgiven, there will never be peace I’m afraid.
    People need to start being good and doing the right thing, not because of the threat of Gods wrath but because they want to and they believe it’s the right thing.
    I can’t believe if there is a God, that he’d put other races of humans on the planet just for others to hate.

    • M

      National Socialism is political system, not a religious one. As is Communism. Stalin is case in point that one does not need a religion or a belief in God to kill 20 million people.

    • Steve

      What you said is a near quote from the Bible. Many, many times God is fed up with empty worship, calls His people who are not His foolish people, going through the motions of faith but obeying only man made rules and following foolish tales, not His. Congratulations, you have shown more Bible knowledge than a lot of Christians.

      You seem to have the makings of a real, not fake, Christian in you. Good for you!

    • vesey

      he did’nt. He gave us free will which we have abused to mankinds peril………..

  11. Barb

    It’s so sad to see these photos, and to realize that humanity still isn’t getting any better. Will we ever learn we are suppose to ” do unto others as we would have other do onto you”!! Why can’t we get that simple lesson?

    • Matt

      I also felt really sad when I looked at these photos. I moved to Johannesburg just after Apartheid ended though and I can assure you that I had many incredible Zulu, Xhosa, Tanzanian, Zimbabwean and Swazi friends who were in school and getting a decent education. What happened was horrific and stemmed from people who were ignorant yet powerful.

      But as they warned in the songs of the Chimurenga: ‘There will be blood in the rivers’

  12. Gabi

    Agree. That was a good post but not everywhere sad. I liked the little glimpses of humor too.

  13. Ted

    Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing to me to think this didn’t happen too long ago, and yet we forget too quickly how cruel humanity continues to be. As pineapple stated, I like the approach. Sad and embarrassing, but so powerful!

  14. pineapple

    I like the approach.

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