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Dutch Artist Reincarnates Childhood Drawings

“Digital painted creatures and stuff based on my own childhood drawings. I designed these creatures at the age of 4 and now reincarnated them with digital painting” – Telmo Pieper, the Netherlands.

kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-1-310714 kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-2-310714 kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-3-310714 kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-4-310714

kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-8-310714 kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-5-310714 kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-6-310714 kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-7-310714 kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-9-310714 kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-10-310714

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  1. Gabi

    Childish cool

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