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Different Types of Human Tears Under the Microscope

Tears of Change © Rose-Lynn Fisher

Tears of change © Rose-Lynn Fisher

In her project titled Topography of Tears, photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher captures tears of joy, laughter and, well, onions in extreme detail – and they are all very different!

“I started the project about five years ago, during a period of copious tears, amid lots of change and loss – so I had a surplus of raw material. So I had this moment where I suddenly thought, ‘I wonder what a tear looks like up close?'”


Onion tears © Rose-Lynn Fisher


Onion tears © Rose-Lynn Fisher


Tears of ending and beginning © Rose-Lynn Fisher


Laughing tears © Rose-Lynn Fisher


Tears of grief © Rose-Lynn Fisher


Timeless reunion © Rose-Lynn Fisher

via Smithsonian

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