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Cool Street Art From Hungary

These serious attempts to turn streets into an artistic medium come from a Hungarian guy who also runs a mock political party called the Two Tailed Dog Party. These photos were from selected from their website. I am aware that the first photo down here does not necessarily qualify as street art, but I had to include it. I hope you understand.

Chinese boss in front of "I love cops sign" ( cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_1 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_2 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_3 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_5 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_6 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_7 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_8 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_9 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_10 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_11 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_12 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_13 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_14 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_16 cool_street_art_from_hungary_190814_17

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  1. Linda Glaser

    I love all forms of art. Anyway one chooses to express themselves is a form of art. I would like to see more. Thank you

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