Earthly Mission

Colorized Photos from the Past

Sanna Dullaway colorizes old photos and does it extremely well. First, here are some before/after pics.

colorized_images_270814_befaft_1 colorized_images_270814_befaft_2 colorized_images_270814_befaft_3 det/4a20000/4a27000/4a27600/4a27640.tif colorized_images_270814_befaft_5


And here are the fully colorized photos:

colorized_images_270814_1 colorized_images_270814_2 colorized_images_270814_3 colorized_images_270814_4 colorized_images_270814_5 colorized_images_270814_6 colorized_images_270814_7 colorized_images_270814_8 colorized_images_270814_9

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