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Classic Paintings Reanimated In Amazing Ways


I am not sure who actually did the above stereoscopic gif, but if you know the person, I’d be more than happy to give credit. As for the equally interesting gifs below: Italian artist rino stefano tagliafierro has directed a short film that breathes life into static master paintings renowned throughout art history. from caravaggio’s grotesque ‘sacrificio di isacco’ to tiziano’s reclining ‘venus di urbino’ the vignettes that make up ‘beauty‘ ‘spring from the immobility of canvas, animating a sentiment lost to the fixedness masterpieces.’, tagliafierro explains. Watch video below the gifs:

Luis-Ricardo-Falero-amazing-classic-paintings-gif-1 Luis-Ricardo-Falero-amazing-classic-paintings-gif-2 Luis-Ricardo-Falero-amazing-classic-paintings-gif-3 Luis-Ricardo-Falero-amazing-classic-paintings-gif-3b Luis-Ricardo-Falero-amazing-classic-paintings-gif-4Luis-Ricardo-Falero-amazing-classic-paintings-gif-4b


via Design BoomBeautiful/Decay 

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