Century-Old Blackboard Drawings Found in Oklahoma School


Workers doing renovations in an Oklahoma City high school recently discovered a series of old blackboards under the presently used ones, covered in writing and drawings that had remained untouched since 1917. It is an amazing time capsule from the past, especially considering that all this was meant to be wiped away.


You find a lesson on pilgrims in every classroom, due to the aligned curriculum. (Source: OKCPS)


Counting down until Christmas 1917. (Source: OKCPS)


Music lesson from 1917. (Source: OKCPS)


Source: OKCPS


Source: OKCPS


Check out the date on this blackboard!! It’s been hidden for almost 100 years! (Source: OKCPS)

Sources: OKCPS, Boing Boing, NewsOK

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