Central Park in the 1800’s

Follow the development of Central Park in New York throughout the 1800’s with these interesting historical photos, maps, paintings, drawings and stereograms (click images to enarge).

1-Central Park’s original grand entrance on Fifth Avenue with policeman and guard house

Central Park’s original grand entrance on Fifth Avenue with policeman and guard house


Map of the lands included in the Central Park topographical survey June 17th 1856, and plan for the improvement of the Central park adopted by the commissioners June 3rd,1856


View in Central Park, New York, ca. 1859


General view of Central Park, 1860


The Dairy in Central Park, 1860


The Lake in Central Park, 1862

Style: "ENO_1659458"

View of the Arbor on the Eastside near 5th Avenue, 1862


Central Park, 1863


This stereoview of Central Park from 1863 is labeled “Baseball Day.” Though no bases, bats or balls are visible, beyond the group in the foreground, the people are standing in the formation of a baseball diamond. The exact location of this photo is unknown.


The Skating Pond, Central Park, 1864


Central Park in the Summer, 1865


Entrance to Central Park at the corner of 5th Avenue and 59th Street, 1866


Vaux & Olmstead Map of Central Park, 1868

1868-A camel in a field No, it’s really Central Park in 1868. The camel was part of the menagerie (zoo). You paid extra to get a ride on it.

Back in 1868 you could ride a camel in Central Park.


The Lake-from-the-Terrace, 1868


View in 6th Avenue Between 55th and 57th Streets, Looking West, 1868


View of Bethesda Terrace, Central_Park, 1868


The Grand Drive at Central Park, 1869


The Spa, Central Park, 1870


The swings in Central Park, 1871


View on the Central Lake, 1872


The Terrace, Central Park,1872

1873-Bethesda Fountain before sculptor Emma Stebbins famous bronze statue Angel of the Waters was installed in 1873-b

Bethesda Fountain before sculptor Emma Stebbins famous bronze statue Angel of the Waters was installed in 1873


Entrance at 5th Avenue and 59th-street, Central park, 1866

1890s-the-mall-central-park-new-york-1890s-colored-photomechanical-print-postcard-nypl (1)

The Mall in Central Park, 1890s


‘Cares and business and the work-a-day world vanish when you enter there’,1895

1895-the-arbors-of-the-road-crossings-hang-heavy-with-purple-wisteria-e28093-cyclists-in-central-park-sept-1895-munseys-magazine-lithographic-print-nypl (1)

‘The arbors of the road crossings hang heavy with purple wisteria”, 1895


The Terrace in Central Park, 1895


Ice Skating on the Lake in Central Park

An ad for the Conover and Walker Central Park Skate Emporium broadside

An ad for the Conover and Walker Skate Emporium in Central Park


This is why the park roadways needed continual cleaning: hundreds of horse drawn vehicles traveling along the drives, 1896

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