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Bunny Takes a Shower

bunny takes a shower

This is Cloody the rabbit enjoying a hot tub after playing outside and getting dirty. While bathing, Cloody was so relaxed that he actually fell asleep. Isn’t that cute? After baths he also enjoys a body massage, except for his feet. Watch video and see what a good time the little guy is having. (Thanks ufonaut Benyo for this excellent update from the animal realm!)


  1. lisa

    hi your bun looks so sweet and i can tell you love him. i have a special bun too i used to bath my bun and take him swimming. i later learned they can get pneumonia since it takes a long time for their thick coats to dry and they can go into shock from baths. also putting them on their back in a trance actually causes the buns stress since the can’t move. studies have shown their heart rates increase. do some research on it i am sure you want whats best for your sweet bunny.

    • Spacemaker

      Thanks Lisa, but that’s not my bun… I just came across this video on Youtube.

  2. Diana


    I’m sorry, but you have to have VERY wrong information- this kind of bath are deadly for rabbits. The video you are promoting went viral a while ago and upset all the bunny- carers community, because the bunny in the video has died shortly afterwards.
    Rabbit MUST NOT be bathed. The PH of their skin is too sensitive, furthermore the stress that this creates for a rabbit damages their hearts, with death almost imminent to follow. When you put a rabbit on it’s back- as you can see in the video- it becomes PARALYSED, NOT RELAXED!!! This bunny is in inducted paralytic shock and it’s not happy at all!!!
    This guy is not having a good time- it’s frighten to death, but cannot move because of the way his nerves and muscles interact together in this position.
    It might look funny and cute, but it is actually very sad and heartbreaking. It is obvious you do not have any knowledge about how to care for a rabbit, so please educate yourself and do not promote false information, so some other kids do not get inspired by whoever stupid, stupid and cruel person has done this to the poor baby in the video. They should be arrested.
    The rabbits have self- cleaning system and should not be put in water, except a very rare case when they get extremely dirty: in this case water shouldn’t be higher than to cover their bum, or they just need to gently and fast wiped with a wet cloth.
    Please, take the video away.

    • Spacemaker

      Thanks but then do all wild rabbits die when they get soaked in the rain? Or is it only domestic rabbits that are killed by water?

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