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Bodily Map of Human Emotions


New research suggests that emotional states are associated with distinct bodily sensations that can be mapped. Over 700 participants in Finland, Sweden and Taiwan participated in experiments aimed at mapping their bodily sensations in connection with specific emotions. They viewed emotion-laden words, videos, facial expressions and stories, and then self-reported areas of their bodies that felt different than before they’d viewed the material. “By coloring in two computer-generated silhouettes – one to note areas of increased bodily sensation and the second to mark areas of decreased sensation – participants were able to provide researchers with a broad base of data showing both positive and negative bodily responses to different emotions.” The original findings are available here.


Yellow shows regions of increased sensation while blue areas represent decreased feeling in these composite images.  Image courtesy of Lauri Nummenmaa, Enrico Glerean, Riitta Hari, and Jari Hietanen

Via d-brief

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