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Awesome Abandoned Places in Hungary

A selection of the best entries to a photo contest by the Hungarian blog Ghost Cities.

Juhasz Zoltan - Turai Schossberger kastely

Photo by Zoltan Juhasz


Artyom Artyom - Istvantelek

Photo by Artyom Artyom


Breznay Viktor - Elhagyott eromu iranyitocsarnoka

Photo by Viktor Breznay


Kulcsar Gyorgy - Eromu vezerloterem

Photo by Gyorgy Kulcsar


Biller Balint - nagyvasartelep

Photo by Balint Biller


Borbely Mark - Letunt kor arnyekai

Photo by Mark Borbely


Andor Toth - Elhagyott haz a szantofoldekens

Photo by Andor Toth


Daniel Toth - Mecseknadasdi Puspoki kastely padlastere

Photo by Daniel Toth



Photo by Gabor Simon


Hujman Attila - Hajmasker

Photo by Attila Hujman



Photo by Kriszti Komaromi


Olasz Krisztina - Roncs

Photo by Krisztina Olasz


Pajer Laszlo - Szentkiralyszabadja

Photo by Laszlo Pajer


Schnekta Peter - Csepel muvek

Photo by Peter Schnekta


Steger Barbara - elfeledett Trabant

Photo by Barbara Steger


Szent Istvan akna gephaza - Balazs Balint

Photo by Balint Balazs


Tamas Zsebok - Paksi teglagyar

Photo by Tamas Zsebok


Zoltan Szigeti - Budapest

Photo by Zoltan Szigeti

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