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Assemble Your Own Monster IKEA Style

IKEA-Style-Instructions- for-assembling-your-own-monster-fb

Artist Ed Harrington combined cult movies’ monsters with IKEA instructions to show us how to build a Krueger or assemble an Alien. Thanks ufonaut Benyo for the submission!

IKEA-Style-Instructions- for-assembling-your-own-monster-1 IKEA-Style-Instructions- for-assembling-your-own-monster-2 IKEA-Style-Instructions- for-assembling-your-own-monster-3 IKEA-Style-Instructions- for-assembling-your-own-monster-4 IKEA-Style-Instructions- for-assembling-your-own-monster-5 IKEA-Style-Instructions- for-assembling-your-own-monster-6 IKEA-Style-Instructions- for-assembling-your-own-monster-7

via fubiz

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