Artist Turns People Into Creatures From Another World By Drawing Faces On Their Backs

Anahell‘s Secret Friends project is “about playmates, reflections, villains, strange and wonderful creatures from another world, the kind that children create when they’re alone”. Well, some children.

my-secret-friends-from-another-world_1my-secret-friends-from-another-world-11 my-secret-friends-from-another-world-4my-secret-friends-from-another-world-3 my-secret-friends-from-another-world-5 my-secret-friends-from-another-world-6 my-secret-friends-from-another-world-7 my-secret-friends-from-another-world-8 my-secret-friends-from-another-world-9 my-secret-friends-from-another-world-10 my-secret-friends-from-another-world-12

via boredpanda

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