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Artist Asked to Draw Under Influence of LSD

During the 1950s, an artist was given two 50-microgram doses of LSD (each dose separated by about an hour) and was consequently encouraged to draw pictures of the doctor who administered the drugs. Nine portraits were drawn over the space of eight hours. The identity of the artist is still unknown.

artist_drawings_under_LSD_1950s_301014_1 artist_drawings_under_LSD_1950s_301014_2 artist_drawings_under_LSD_1950s_301014_3 artist_drawings_under_LSD_1950s_301014_4 artist_drawings_under_LSD_1950s_301014_5 artist_drawings_under_LSD_1950s_301014_6 artist_drawings_under_LSD_1950s_301014_7 artist_drawings_under_LSD_1950s_301014_8

Via Open Culture

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