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Amazing Special Shaped Fruits from China

A Chinese firm called Fruit Mould Co. produces these special shaped fruits. I am not sure how much a pear like that costs, but they look (taste…?) nice indeed.

special_shaped_fruits_22814_1 special_shaped_fruits_22814_2 special_shaped_fruits_22814_3 special_shaped_fruits_22814_4 special_shaped_fruits_22814_5 special_shaped_fruits_22814_6 special_shaped_fruits_22814_7 special_shaped_fruits_22814_8 special_shaped_fruits_22814_9 special_shaped_fruits_22814_10 special_shaped_fruits_22814_11  special_shaped_fruits_22814_13

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  1. Derrick

    How can I purchase the fruit?

    • Spacemaker

      Try the link under the company name in the intro above.

  2. xOfi

    I want them!!!

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