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Amazing Photos of Squirrels and Their Ways

Vadim Trunov is a talented nature and macro photographer who recently came up with an amazing set of photos depicting squirrels and their everyday dealings with what life brings up. But how come it is always Russian photographers who come up with something like this? How do they do it?

squirrel-snowball-fight-photos-by-vadim-trunov-1 squirrel-snowball-fight-photos-by-vadim-trunov-2 squirrel-snowball-fight-photos-by-vadim-trunov-3 squirrel-snowball-fight-photos-by-vadim-trunov-4 squirrel-snowball-fight-photos-by-vadim-trunov-5 squirrel-snowball-fight-photos-by-vadim-trunov-6 squirrel-snowball-fight-photos-by-vadim-trunov-8 squirrel-snowball-fight-photos-by-vadim-trunov-9 squirrel-snowball-fight-photos-by-vadim-trunov-10 squirrel-snowball-fight-photos-by-vadim-trunov-11

via Twisted Sifter

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