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Amazingly Detailed Classic Dungeon & Dragons Walkthrough Maps


I admit I never played any of these games but read some Dungeons & Dragons books back in the early 90’s, and as far I can remember I liked them. This campfire really rings a bell. Could these spectacular walkthroughs by Jason Thompson represent how (even) I walked through those books?

classic-dungeons-and-dragons-walkthrough-maps-1 classic-dungeons-and-dragons-walkthrough-maps-2 classic-dungeons-and-dragons-walkthrough-maps-3 classic-dungeons-and-dragons-walkthrough-maps-4 classic-dungeons-and-dragons-walkthrough-maps-5 classic-dungeons-and-dragons-walkthrough-maps-6 classic-dungeons-and-dragons-walkthrough-maps-7 classic-dungeons-and-dragons-walkthrough-maps-8 classic-dungeons-and-dragons-walkthrough-maps-9 classic-dungeons-and-dragons-walkthrough-maps-10

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