Album Covers Star Warized


We’ve never seen album covers that were star warized so universally, so this intergalactic evening all our appreciation goes to Steve Lear, a London-based, digital artist with a self-proclaimed, “unhealthy obsession for movies, music and Photoshop”. Yes, has all three has been intergrated to this one project entitled, Why the LongPLay Face?

album_covers_star_warized_3b album_covers_star_warized_3c album_covers_star_warized_4 album_covers_star_warized_4a album_covers_star_warized_4b album_covers_star_warized_6 album_covers_star_warized_7 album_covers_star_warized_9 album_covers_star_warized_11 album_covers_star_warized_13 album_covers_star_warized_14 album_covers_star_warized_16 album_covers_star_warized_17 album_covers_star_warized_18 album_covers_star_warized_19 album_covers_star_warized_22 album_covers_star_warized_26 album_covers_star_warized_28 album_covers_star_warized_29 album_covers_star_warized_29b album_covers_star_warized_30 album_covers_star_warized_31 album_covers_star_warized_33 album_covers_star_warized_34

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